Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors offers a holistic approach to counseling and coaching. A mind and body approach to emotional freedom, & healing for Men, Women, & Children. Specialization areas include with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, and physical discomfort.

Services Provided By Kuhluhveyting Kantshes Kors Include:

  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Healing Expos
  • Workshops & Keynote Speaking
  • & Capacity Building

Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors focuses on opening and exploring the minds of African- American/Afro-Caribbean children, families, and community members struggling to deal with present & past traumatic and stressful events through:

  • healthy conversations
  • connecting & establishing healthy coping techniques 
  • and providing individuals with the tools and resources needed to heal & grow.


Meet the CEO & Founder of Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors

Dr. Jhanel A. Davis (also known as) TheCalledDr_D. She has allowed pain to become her platform, and believes that what happens to us externally; will affect us internally if not addressed consciously. Dr. Davis believes that her gift to this world is her call to H.O.P.E (Help, Other, People, Evolve). TheCalledDr_D is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Educator, Keynote Speaker, Counselor, and Growth Specialist. She is the founder and CEO of Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors is a movement that offers men, women, and children of color the opportunity to: Explore, Connect, Heal & Grow.