Workshops & Keynote Speaking


Workshops, Trainings, & Keynote Speaking –  (Trauma Kantshesness)

Kultuhveting Kantshes Kors has partnered with influential presenters, speakers, and experienced professionals to deliver a wealth of knowledge, bring awareness,  conversation, and techniques to those affected by trauma.

Popular Topics Include:
  • Effects of Trauma
  • Trauma & Stress
  • Trauma & Anxiety
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Trauma & Mental Health
  • Community Related Trauma
  • Educational Trauma
  • Historical Trauma
Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors works with small /large groups, organizations, community outreach programs, and educational institutions to bring awareness to the issue of trauma & how trauma affects individuals in their everyday lives.

Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors provides training opportunities for families raising children affected by trauma, or those who have suffered from traumatic events. For many students especially in communities primarily populated by suspect classes and minority families school is one of the primary sources for mental health care. Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors also provides workshops and training for educators, counselors, mental health engagements, healing expos, podcasts, live streams, conferences, etc.


Tapping Tuesday’s With Dr. D
(discussing effective strategies for dealing with stress fear and anxiety)
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